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The Place, where YOUR money, finds you !

Catching you up on your money, one step at a time..


How it works

Our company has relationships with many government agencies across the country. We audit these agencies to locate sums of money owed to private citizens like yourself. If these funds go unclaimed for too long they are usually lost to the government agency forever, through a process called “escheatment”


If you received a phone call, letter, or email from us, we have located funds that we believe belong to you or a member of your family. 

Contact us right away so we can confirm that you are, in fact, the recipient we're searching for.


Once you have spoken to one of our claim specialist's we will set up a time for you to meet with one of our local notary agents to go over any necessary paperwork required to receive your fund, which includes official government claim forms, along with a document allowing us to act as your agent,  dealing with government agencies 

on your behalf.

(All Paperwork Must Be Notarized With A Certified  State Licensed Notary Agent)

No-Contact Notary !

During this time of the corona virus epidemic we are reaching out to more families than ever all across the country. In doing so, it is important that we keep all of our staff & clients safe and protected. To maximize safety our clients have the option to use Notarize, thee #1 online notary in America. 

You can now connect with a Licensed Public Notary Agent 24/7 

without ever leaving your home !

Just Download The Application On Your Smart Phone 



After completing the paperwork, the notary will overnight Express Mail all the documents to our office, and we will begin processing your claim the same day we've received the documents.

(All documents will be reviewed by the government)


Claims are almost always processed within 2 weeks- sometimes much sooner. Then 30 days after the claim is approved, we disperse the funds to you via overnight mail while always keeping you updated on every step we take to catch you up with your money! 

Claim My Money NOW !

Time is your most valuable asset, 

so don't keep wasting it.

Give us a call so you can claim your money right now before its too late! 

Time Is Money

- Benjamin Franklin