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The Place, where YOUR money, finds you.

It's your turn !


Found You!

If you've received a call or e-mail from our office we've recently completed a comprehensive search that indicates you or someone you might know are the rightful recipient or heir to assets that have gone unclaimed. 

Since 1935 there have been over 6 billon bonds issued, totaling over 660 billon dollars of unclaimed money... 

There are currently about 40 billion dollars of unclaimed funds existing today. 24 billion of that is about to be added to all the rest of money the government has ever taken permanently, when the funds aren’t claimed within a allotted amount of time. 

Out of 10s of billions only 3 billion dollars of unclaimed or lost assets due to people or businesses, actually get returned... Often there is an expiration date to file a claim for the assets before they revert to a government agency  permanently. Most of the assets that we discover are not available by an Internet search and it is unlikely you will ever be notified of their existence without the efforts of a company like ours. While 1 in 10 Americans have unclaimed money, there is a 

7.5% chance you’ll ever even know about it! 

If you haven't spoken with your assigned claims professional yet, have you or a trusted advisor give us a call so you can catch up to your money ASAP before it’s too late. 

‼️ 1-877-920-2908 ‼️

It's important to remember that you pay us nothing until we successfully recover your assets. We cover all costs until the claim is settled. That means that you pay us nothing until and unless we are successful in recovering the assets.

As we begin working together, we encourage you to ask any questions you might have. We will check in with you throughout the entire process to give you updates on the progress of your claim. Keep in mind there is a time limit until the government gets to keep your money forever, & the claims process can take time... The sooner you begin, the sooner you can spend your money!