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The place where your money finds you. 

Taking your money back from the government, one step at a time..


Our Mission

Supreme Capital Requisitions is a premier financial consulting agency working directly with  government agencies around the country to help Americans recover unclaimed and lost assets they didn’t know they had. Seasoned experience helping individuals, estate heirs, companies, & organizations of all sizes around America successfully claim hundreds of thousands of dollars they were unaware existed. 

Each member of our team is able to handle every facet of the recovery process. Our agents are able to provide a prestigious professional experience, while giving the most efficient information, with a personal touch to every person, or company we take on. Every individual claim is unique, and may have to be handled differently than the last. We work one-on-one with every client and follow claims from start to finish, giving a level of attention rarely found in business today. Our expert IT department features proprietary software tools that enable us to bring together unclaimed assets, with the individuals and organizations rightfully entitled to claim them.

We think private citizens losing their funds to government agencies (a system rooted in 16th century England) 

is horrifyingly unfair & unfortunate. We are determined to prevent this from happening to anyone, 

especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

43% of America was living in poverty before the pandemic. That number has only got worse..

 In efforts to increase wealth in American communities; 

Our mission is to return every unclaimed asset we can find, back to as many American citizens as we can!  

What could you do with a nice, unexpected payday? In this economy, everyone's got a use for extra money. 

Lets make sure the government doesn't keep it permanently. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most satisfying recovery process possible through our core principles:


We uphold the highest standards of ethics in everything we do. Supreme Capital has been widely recognized for our supreme resilience & work ethic to get your claim approved for compensation, even when the government denies.


Since we were established, Supreme Capital has acquired the resources and expertise to manage and complete the lost & unclaimed asset location and recovery process & has earned an outstanding reputation with clients 

large and small.


At Supreme Capital every document is government reviewed, and the specific information on every claim is different, an will be handled as such. With a team dedicated to each step of the process, fully supported by the latest technology, we assign 1 designated claims specialist to keep you up to date on the status of your specific claim. With our systems in place we are able to provide clients a expedited process without leaving their home.


Here at Supreme Capital, we maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the recovery process. Our professionals treat client requests with the utmost importance and respond within a 24 hour 

time frame.


30 Wall St. Floor 8 

New York, NY 10005


[email protected]


Mon.-Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed